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Never Take Aspirin Or Ibuprofen After Hangover- Doctor Warns And See The Reason Why

Well known doctor Olufunmilayo has shared some piece of advise and the right drugs to take when a person is suffering from hangover after taking excessive alcohol.

Dr. Olufunmilayo has taken to his page to share some health tip, the drugs a person should avoid when they are sufering from hangover and also what to do when one feels dehydrated. Earlier on, the doctor warned the public to desis from bathing with hot water when they suufering from hangover.

According to the Dr, any person who bats with hot water during a hangover can fall and die. This is because when a person has alcohol in their system, and baths with hot water can make their heart have an abnormal electrical activity which can lead to sudden death.

Advising more on how to keep away from dangers that may harm the body, he stated that if a person is suffering from headaches and muscle cramps because of a hangover, the person should only take paracetamol. He however stated that people suffering from hangover should avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen, aspirin, or piroxicam.

“For the headaches and muscle cramps; Use some paracetamol, 2tablets every six hours for one or two days would really help; For the fatigue and tiredness, Find a sugary food, glucose drink or carbohydrate-rich diets like rice that can supply sugar and quick energy;”

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“NEVER take aspirin, ibuprofen, piroxicam, or any medication called a “nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug” after a hangover. The reason is that these medications can lead to stomach irritation, bleeding from the stomach, liver damage, and vomiting of blood. Pls be careful”.

“For the thirst and dehydration: Drink lots of water and fruit juice. That supplies you with enough fluids to deal with dehydration. Soda water is also okay. But stay away from caffeine or coffee drinks- there is no compelling proof that it helps with a hangover. It’s a myth.”

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“And finally, When you have a hangover, Do NOT drink more alcohol, it doesn’t solve the problem. It’s a myth. Excessive regular alcohol drinking carries the risk of hangovers, alcohol addiction, obesity, weight gain, liver problems, kidney problems, and death. Happy weekend o.”

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