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Kissing Your Husband When He Is Sleeping Is The Best Gesture But African Women Search Pockets’ – Man Says

A Nigerian man has sparked a heavy debate on social media after sharing an insight about African women and the demonstration of their love.

The man known as Nnamdi and uses the ID @chriszeal0 noted that kissing your husband while he is asleep is one of the best gestures of love.

However, he revealed that African women do not do that but rather search their husband’s pocket while he is asleep.

His submission has drawn mixed reactions from social media users but a lot of the ladies agreed with him.

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Mtcheeew.. Im beginning to hate Nigerian guys .. what’s wrong to you doing the Same thing to her .. Abeg .. mtcheeew .. Be putting unrelevant expectations on African women.. Too much expectations , sense of entitlement .. Every stupid damn rubbish ❗️.. Yes I’m angry 😠 .. leave me alone .


If it’s only pocket it’s good, they attempt to unlock our phones too


I even hold the belt buckles first ,so no noise is heard 🤪🤪your headache…


Wen he have people that are doing the kissing for him outside


I kiss mine when he’s sleeping,what am I searching pocket for


I do kiss mine. And I have never searched his pocket.


Pls what is in the pocket to search? I dont understand

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